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Partnering with industry leaders to deliver innovative solutions

Center for Internet Security

Forward thinking solutions

Accelerator driven consultancy

Our accelerator focused methodology enables the rapid implementation and integration of essential technologies throughout all business sectors. Whether your concerns are in identity, infrastructure, security, or device management, each accelerator can be customised to meet your specific needs and provides a foundation for the implementation and utilization of their respective capabilities.

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Cloud-first Approach

Prioritises future ready cloud-based solutions that enhance agility and operational efficiency.

Robust Architecture

Develop strong, scalable, and secure infrastructure that supports sustainable growth and resilience.

Proven Results

Dependable practices and methodologies that deliver measurable success and innovation.

We've got you covered

Expertise across all areas of Microsoft Azure

At Crydent, we are proficient across the entire spectrum of Microsoft Azure services, including the latest advancements in AI, cost optimization strategies, and workload migrations. Our holistic approach ensures that your organization can harness all Azure capabilities required to meet your goals.

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Azure AI & Machine Learning

Leverage Azure AI and Machine Learning for Advanced Analytics.

Azure Storage

Enhance Data Accessibility and Security with Azure Storage.

Azure Security

Strengthen Data Protection and Compliance with Azure Security.

Azure Migration

Accelerate your digital transformation with Azure Migration Services.

Azure Integration

Enhance system connectivity and streamline business processes with Azure Integration Services.

Azure Multicloud

Interoperability and management across different cloud environments with Azure Multicloud.

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Supporting your journey

Your guide to successful cloud migrations

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Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive guide to cloud infrastructure migration. Whether you're looking to enhance scalability, improve efficiency, or secure your data, our expert insights will equip you with the knowledge to execute an effective migration strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

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Initial Assessment and Planning

Evaluate your current infrastructure to identify key areas that will benefit from migration, setting the stage for a tailored cloud strategy.

Designing a Migration Blueprint

Develop a detailed migration plan that outlines the approach for moving data, applications, and services, ensuring minimal impact on daily operations.

Execution and Deployment

Carry out the migration according to the predefined blueprint, utilizing robust tools and methodologies to ensure a smooth transition of assets to the cloud.

Post-Migration Optimization

After migration, fine-tune the cloud environment to optimize performance and cost-efficiency, and establish ongoing management practices for sustained success.

Empower your users

Accelerate device setup with Autopilot

Our accelerator is designed to simplify the provisioning of your cloud or hybrid-joined devices using Microsoft Autopilot, automating the deployment of applications and security policies with minimal user interaction.

Guiding your Autopilot journey

Navigating the complexities and various areas of Autopilot can be a daunting task. Our accelerator provides a structured approach to your deployment, guiding you through the process and training your team to manage the solution effectively.

Application packaging made easy

Prepare your business applications for Microsoft Intune with our application packaging solution. Designed for an end-to-end experience, we support you from rationalisation and discovery, to testing and deployment, no matter the complexity.

Rationalisation & Discovery

  • Application Inventory
  • Dependency Mapping
  • Configuration Analysis
  • Instructions & Documentation

Packaging & Testing

  • Compatibility Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment Readiness

Keeping you protected

The cornerstone of device security

Establishing a robust security baseline is crucial for any organization to protect its data and operations against evolving cyber threats. These frameworks provide comprehensive guidelines and best practices that ensure security controls are effectively implemented, offering a proven strategy to mitigate risks and enhance overall security posture.

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The Center for Internet Security (CIS) Framework offers a set of benchmarks and best practices designed to safeguard organizations against pervasive and potent cyber threats with multiple levels of security depending on security requirements.

Suitable for: SMB, SME, Enterprise


The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provides comprehensive guidance, tailored to national security priorities, offering frameworks and support to help organizations across the UK defend against cyber threats.

Suitable for: UK Government, Public Sector, Critical National


The Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) provide thorough instructions and benchmarks for securing hardware and software, ensuring that all system components comply with stringent security standards essential for military and defense-related operations.

Suitable for: Defense, Military, Government, Aerospace

Our commitment to innovation

Embracing emerging technology

We specialize in navigating the ever-changing IT landscape, and recognise the importance of evolving alongside emerging technologies. Our solutions incorporate enterprise ready advancements and deliver value to our clients through a forward-thinking focus on innovation.

Your trusted technology partner

Delivering success through collaboration.

Crydent is founded on three fundamental principles that are crucial to our success: fostering strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations that share our cloud-first vision, staying ahead of industry trends to deliver value-driven outcomes, and investing in the development of our employees to enhance their professional growth.

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